Why do so many relationships come to an end even after both parties involved have claimed their undying love for each other. They have made a promise to stay together for the rest of their lives.

Well here’s what happens to couples most of the time whether you married or not.
They all fall into one of these three traps or sometimes all three.    

Communications in the relationship begin to break down. Usually it starts with one party starts keeping something from the other for the sake of not wanting to hurt their feelings. It could be anything from a phone call from an ex or stopping to have a drink after work with a co-worker and failing to mention it. The problem is that the other person eventually ends up finding out and being hurt anyway. Then you try to explain why you didn’t say anything about it earlier, like when it first happened. This leads to the second main reason relationships fall apart.               

Trust Issues: Now that communications in the relationship has broken down, it creates a lack of trust. Your partner starts wondering what else haven’t you told them. Sure they may forgive you but they won’t forget and it’s very hard to build that trust back once it’s been broken.  Another main reason that relationships fall apart is number three.

Promises: More specifically future promises like: I’m going to stay with you for the rest of my life or we’ll always be together or I’ll never love anyone else but you. Well if you just look at the divorce rate you can see that this doesn’t always happen and the reason is because unless you can predict the future, and most of us can not, how can you promise something in the future.

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