Clinical studies by a team of leading psychologists in the U.S believe there are four main factors that can undermine new relationships.

A brand new relationship that is bursting with chemistry can make the best of us dive in head first without giving a second thought to any potential under lying issues. And why wouldn’t we, we’re probably having the best sex in a long time, enjoying cuddles, kisses, someone to keep us warm at night and staying up late gushing out pent up feelings and emotions with this amazing new person who is suddenly sharing your life.

The honey moon period will end sooner or later, you know it will. So what will you have to offer each other when late nights at the beach, lying under the stars turns into tracksuit pants and take away Thai in front of a DVD every Friday and Saturday night? Will your everyday personalities still be a match?

Take note of a few expert tips on how not to kill a relationship before it starts…

1. Wait a while before having sex

Timing is a major factor when a chemical connection occurs between two people. To build fundamental elements and establish solid foundations such as commitment and trust takes time. By exploring one’s sexual side before establishing an intellectual connection can expose issues that two virtual strangers are not yet ready to deal with.

2. Unknown emotional scars

From a visual perspective, a new relationship gives a false impression that everything is perfect and old relationship scars are no longer apparent. However the fact remains that a scar, whether it be physical or emotional remains indefinitely. Everyone has scars they carry into new relationships, nonetheless it is the willingness of a couple to work through each others scars together that needs to be ascertained.

3. Trust and deception

The loss of trust damages the very sole of a union. If the slightest hint of dishonesty occurs, it is extremely hard to earn back the respect of someone. Even if it is a once off, especially at the start of a new relationship, the damage is often irreversible. A person’s decision to lie and act in a deceptive manner is a reflection of their true qualities and emotional stability. If you have just started dating someone new who has been dishonest, patterns of human behavior tell us it will only get worse as time goes by.

4. Possessiveness

Intense jealousy and manipulative behavior indicates low self esteem and emotional disorders. Improving one’s self image and self confidence is the best way to ensure that your partner keeps their eyes on you – confidence in itself is magnetizing. If discussions over jealousy issues don’t resolve jealous behavior – show them the door before it’s too late. The longer they remain in your life, the less control you will have over your actions.

In the beginning of a new romance it’s hard to look past the amazing highs we look forward to. Age and experience will steel you against falling head over heals in love too quickly and will harden you to protect your heart.

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